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Lauren Who?

Origin Story: Lauren got her start in comedy in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina in 2012.  There, she performed improv and standup regularly at Theatre 99 and all over the city and even won a couple comedy competitions. Beginners luck? Maybe. In 2014, Lauren packed up and moved to nyc to pursue stand up comedy full time with just $800 in her bank account and no job lined up. Thank god that worked out LOL... a close one.


Vibes: Lauren's material ranges from the ridiculous to the brutally honest.  What's especially unique is her ability to put a body positive & fat liberation spin on jokes while remaining cuttingly hilarious for any audience. Whether you're in the audience of stand up show or listening to a podcast, it feels like hanging out with a close friend. 


Experience: Lauren has headlined for Corporations (SAP Americas), Colleges (Princeton) Clubs (Goonies, MD) and Cruise Lines (Virgin) all over the world.  Locally, you can catch her at some of the best clubs in nyc such as New York Comedy Club, Stand Up NY, Rodney's, and QED among many others.

Betches Media: Lauren is proud to be the video star of Betches' top performing TikTok and Youtube short of all time "Plus Size Clothes Be Like" in which she acts out a different character for each item of clothing. The video has over 58 million views across IG, TikTok & Youtube. Call us back, Kelly Clarkson! 


She is also the co-host of Betches in-house wellness entertainment podcast "Good Bodies" which has over 100k monthly downloads and rising! 

Other Cool Stuff: She has also been a featured storyteller on Kevin Allison’s RISK! She's the winner of the She Devil Comedy Festival and her original TV Pilot "Fat With Standards" was an official selection of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival (2021) and a finalist in the Austin Comedy Film Festival (2021). Lauren has been featured in HBO's Women in Comedy Festival, Cinderblock Comedy Festival, and the Charleston Comedy Festival.


More than her awesome jokes, Lauren is also an award winning playwright (and now scriptwriter!) She has written and performed in her full length original musical titled “Princess Charming" which was well received on stages in South Carolina and New York City. After that, she performed her caberet show "A Krass Act" at the famous Duplex Piano Bar in NYC and at QED. This hilarious show features her best jokes, stories and original songs. Lauren has been written about in The New York Times, Time Out NY and Backstage. You’re going to want to see what the hell this woman is doing...



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