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*Please note: Lauren really needs to update this section but enjoy these older accolades LOL

Comedy Network Live

Lauren Hope Krass and Peter Bandyk Interview Each Other

Comedy Network Live

Comic of the Day 

New York Times

Valentine's Day is a Laughing Matter at Q.E.D.

Advice for NYC Comedians from 6 Rising Stars


Just 15 of the Funniest Tweets from Women this Week

Lauren Krass at The Duplex

WVUP Chronicle 

Comedy Strikes at WVU Parkersburg


Metronome Charleston

Lauren Krass Charms Charleston 


Charleston Grit

Why is no one talking about Lauren Krass?


Charleston City Paper

Showcasing Their Winning Ways 




RIP Diets 

Long Way From Mars 


Stoops2Stages with Gastor Almonte


Babes in Boyland




The Illiterati Podcast


Michael and Andy's Gabfest Podcast


on Lauren's one-woman musical, Princess Charming:


Charleston City Paper


Charleston Post and Courier

Say What!

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